LTE Advanced is a new technology that increases the wireless data throughput of cellular devices. The wireless carriers are rolling out LTE Advanced coast to coast. The good news is that LTE-Advanced is fully backwards compatible with previous LTE services. Purchasing the correct hardware is “futureproofing” your investment in wireless technology.

The technology is termed “Carrier Aggregation” by the internet community. The carriers have multiple wireless bands of spectrum and previously only used the very strongest wireless signal. Carrier aggregation utilizes two or three spectrum bands and receives data packets simultaneously.

This increases the download/upload speeds you can get under peak conditions. National carriers are reporting channel aggregation speeds of 225Mbps and upwards to 300Mbps with full three channel aggregation. Nationwide carriers are reporting upwards of 50% faster throughput depending on applications and optimum network conditions.

The technology is not data bonding into a single data stream, but multiple data channel streams allowing for multiple application throughput.

There is no extra software or user fees to enjoy the benefits of LTE-Advanced.

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