Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How does a mobile hotspot work?

Basically a mobile hotspot taps into your 4G cellular network (similar to a smartphone). The data connection is then shared with nearby devices that are Wi-Fi enabled.

2. How many devices can I connect to a mobile hotspot?

With our mobile 4G LTE Hotspots you can connect up to 10 different devices at the same time with no trouble at all.

3. How do I connect a device to my mobile hotspot?

Open your Wi-Fi setting and search for available networks. Your mobile hotspot name should be an available option in the list. Select the mobile hotspot and if requested enter your hotspot password. Finally select “join” or “connect” and that’s it!

4. Is there anywhere I can’t get Wi-Fi on my mobile hotspot?

You are able to get mobile hotspot Wi-Fi anywhere you can get cellular data service.

5. Are there any hidden fees?

No! There are no overage charges or hidden fees involved whatsoever.

6. My device isn’t connecting, what do I do?

A lot of the time, the simplest fix is often times the best answer. Try turning your device off and then on. If at this point the problem is not fixed, contact our Customer Service number (855)556-3278

7. What is the data limit?

There isn’t any data caps or limits. However, if you use excessive amounts of data, you may face slightly slower speeds. Even though there are no limits, excessive data use/abuse may lead to review of network use and/or needs.