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Weighing Your RV Internet Options: The Pros and Cons

A secure, strong, and reliable internet connection is an absolute necessity in today’s fast-paced world of swift information sharing and even quicker interpersonal communications. We can do almost everything on the internet, from ordering new clothes, tools, and food to talking with our friends and family from all around the world. Nowadays, even work can be handled remotely via a solid internet connection and a decent computer. With the heavy responsibility that an internet connection carries, one could easily assume that it would be difficult—if not downright impossible—to keep a steady connection while on the go, but that isn’t the case. There are countless RV internet options out there that can keep you connected across most of the country and back!

That’s right—if you weren’t already aware, even RVs can now have access to a steady internet connection similar to or exactly the same as those you would find in your typical rural household. And they’re not just a convenient add-on to your RV experience; they are as standard and necessary as your GPS system and rearview backup cameras. RV internet options can also be crucial for remote workers who live a life on the go or for families who just love taking frequent road trips and going out on camping adventures. With this internet connection, you’ll be able to keep up with your usual internet-based tasks just as you did at home, whether that’s streaming your favorite movies and shows or getting some late-night work done to meet an upcoming deadline.

But where are you able to find the best RV internet options? Well, the answer is simple: right here at Unlimited LTE Advanced! We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality and reliable internet to those areas where previously it has been difficult to find just that. From rural home and business solutions to truck, boat, and RV internet options, we offer it all with no hidden fees, contracts, or credit checks—that way, you can get connected faster than ever before.

And right now, you may be thinking to yourself, “That all sounds nice, but what are my RV internet options?” Well, we’ll tell you—and help you weigh the pros and cons of each!

What Are My RV Internet Options?

When it comes to your RV internet options, you have two: hotspot internet or satellite internet. As you’ll see below, they both have their pros and cons. And don’t worry—we’ll explain what each one is and how it works before going into the details of why each one is good and where they are lacking.

RV Satellite Internet

The first of your RV internet options is satellite internet. A satellite internet connection for RVs and other large vehicles is similar to that of a satellite cable connection for your home. Basically, your internet service provider sends a signal up to one of the many satellites they have access to that orbits the Earth at varying elevations. The dish that is fixed to your RV then reaches out and captures the signal that is redirected from the satellite and establishes the connection to your onboard modem. Then, boom—you have an internet connection!

The Pros of Satellite Internet for RVs

  • Worldwide Coverage — Since satellites orbit the planet, the connection can follow you no matter where you decide to go.
  • Fast Reconnection After Bad Weather and Disasters — Since the connection is simply between your vehicle and the space-bound satellite, the connection can be established quickly once an extreme weather event has subsided.
  • Great for Rural Consumers — Satellite internet has been the go-to option for folks in rural areas due to a lack of nearby cellular towers and cabled internet connections.

The Cons of Satellite Internet for RVs

  • Heavily Affected by Bad Weather — Though it can reconnect quickly once the bad weather has subsided (as mentioned above), there can be little to no connection whatsoever while the storm is overhead.
  • Latency Issues — This basically means that there are frequent issues with connection speeds involved with satellite internet. This is due to the vast distances that these signals have to travel to reach one another.
  • Data Caps — Most satellite internet providers have both strong and soft data caps that greatly reduce your internet speed at a certain point.
  • Expensive and Long Contracts — Finally, due to the nature of satellite internet, it is typically one of the more expensive RV internet options, usually also requiring a long-term contract.

RV Hotspot Internet

The use of Wi-Fi hotspots has been around for well over a decade. But now, with modern advancements in hotspot technology and cellular coverage, RV internet options using mobile hotspots have never been more accessible and easy to use. Simply put, mobile hotspot internet works in the same manner as how your cell phone functions. By sending out and receiving signals from nearby cellular towers, the modem installed in your RV can provide a high-quality internet connection wherever that connection exists.

The Pros of Hotspot Internet for RVs

  • Broad Coverage — Though it’s not as broad as a satellite connections capabilities, cellular coverage has never been more widespread, meaning you’ll have connection almost everywhere unless you’re really getting out into the middle of nowhere
  • Reliable in Poor Weather — Cellular towers are much closer, requiring less of a traveling distance for your connection, which means that bad weather won’t negatively affect your internet except in the most extreme cases.
  • Fast Speeds and Minimal Connection Latency — As above, close proximity to the countless cellular towers around the country means that the connection is fast and reliable.

The Cons of Hotspot Internet for RVs

  • Some Cellular Dead Spots — You will encounter some connection dead spots while you’re out on the road if you find yourself in a very isolated area.
  • Some Provider-Based Data Caps — Many service providers implement data caps on their hotspot connections. But with Unlimited LTE Advanced’s Home Network Hub, that’s not the case.

Get Your RV Hotspot Internet With Unlimited LTE Advanced

When you decide to choose RV hotspot internet—in our opinion, the best of the RV internet options—that is provided by our team here at Unlimited LTE Advanced, your rate can start as low as $59 a month. And with no contracts, credit checks, or hidden fees, our internet service is as transparent as you can get. We even offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied within the first 14 days. But our first-class, 24/7/365 customer support is sure to help find a solution to any problems you could experience. 

So, if you’re ready to get started or would simply like to learn more, go ahead and give us a call at 855-556-3278. You can also set up your plan right here through our website!

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