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Five Benefits of LTE Home Internet for Rural Homes

Though city life has its perks and niceties, there’s plenty to love about living in more rural, spacious areas. From the massive blue skies and beautiful scenery to the close sense of community and slower-paced lifestyle, rural areas are great places to live and even raise a family. However, historically, rural areas have had little access to the same quality internet connections that cities are able to enjoy. This means there has been a crippling lack of reliable LTE home internet for almost 35% of rural American households, according to an FCC report from 2018.

Thankfully, that no longer has to be the reality that rural folks need to live in—with modern advancements in LTE home internet and reception technologies, rural households can now experience fast and reliable internet connection like never before. This means that rural businesses can streamline their services and take them online, friends and family can more easily communicate all around the world, and homes can finally enjoy all their favorite online entertainment with crisp quality and fast download speeds! However, in order to truly enjoy the benefits of LTE home internet for rural areas, you’ll need a reliable company to get you all set up. That means you need to give our team a call here at Unlimited LTE Advanced!

Here at Unlimited LTE Advanced, we saw the lack of reliable, no-nonsense LTE home internet readily available in rural areas and decided to do something about it. Our unlimited internet is hosted on a highly-reliable 4G LTE network and comes to you simply with no hidden fees, contracts, or credit checks. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to have a secure internet connection to handle more work from home or simply a family living in a rural area that wants the best LTE home internet around, we can get the job done or your money back guaranteed on all equipment costs!

That may sound all well and good with you already, but we’d like to take a moment and use this blog to lay out the top five benefits that you’ll discover when you choose Unlimited LTE Advanced for your LTE Home Internet installation and service. So, let’s get right into it.

Perfect for Rural Households

This was the fairly obvious starting point, wasn’t it? As we said, LTE home internet is perfect for rural areas, but we never got into why exactly that’s the case. Within cities and more suburban areas, there are extensive systems of wires that have been laid down under the ground to easily connect and disconnect commercial buildings and homes. 

Rural areas are often not afforded this luxury, which means that they are left with two options: coughing up the money to tear up the earth and lay down more wires connecting them to the nearest internet access point or simply choosing Unlimited LTE Advance to set up a simple LTE home internet connection. LTE home internet is the most common-sense option in this scenario because it operates fully wirelessly, with no need for extensive infrastructure work just to connect to the internet!

Simple Setups and Troubleshooting

It really is that easy. All that needs to be done when setting up your LTE home internet is to find a safe place for it to stay plugged in and powered and then properly pair it to the LTE internet connection access point! For reference, it works very similarly to how your cell phone connects to nearby cellular towers. This simple setup not only makes the process stress-free but also means that troubleshooting is also an easy process since there are no extensive networks of wires where something could go wrong—just your modem, the reception tower, and your personal devices.

Minimal Installation Costs

However, we can’t forget one of the most important benefits there is when choosing to get an LTE home internet connection set up: the cost is unbeatable! That’s in large part thanks to the simplicity of the setup process. The only fees you’ll need to pay are activation fees, prepaid service fees, and the usual cost of your unlimited LTE home internet connection—otherwise, that’s about it. And with our wildly affordable rates (in some cases, as low as $59 a month), you won’t regret choosing us for your internet installation!

Highly Reliable

Don’t let our comparison to cell phone reception in the earlier section cause you any concern. LTE home internet connection—at least when you choose Unlimited LTE Advanced as your installer and provider—is fast and highly reliable. That’s because we work and operate with some of the same service towers and data plans that are powered by most major national carrier networks! With an internet connection from us, you’ll be able to keep plenty of devices connected and running at top speeds while you browse, stream movies, or whatever else!

Unlimited Data

Just as important as high speeds and secure connections is a sufficient amount of data for you to use your internet connection with. With the average American internet using almost 150 gigabytes per month, that data can disappear far quicker than you would imagine. Thankfully, with LTE home internet provided by Unlimited LTE Advanced, you won’t have to worry about that whatsoever. As our name suggests, our LTE data is unlimited—all at no extra cost to you! This means that you can browse, stream, and conduct your business without the stress of managing your daily data usage. Just connect to the internet and get going!

Choose Unlimited LTE Advanced for Your LTE Home Internet

So, if those benefits sound alright to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today here at Unlimited LTE Advanced. We can equip your rural home with the LTE home internet that it needs to have uninterrupted access to the world wide web and beyond! Just give us a call today at 855-556-3278 to ask any further questions or begin your order. If you’d prefer, you can also start your order right now on our website.

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