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If you WiFi seems a bit sluggish there are several simple things you can do to help improve the signal and improve your online experience.

We have compiled the top 10 tips for you below…

1) Distance: Shortening the distance between your modem and your device will improve the WiFi signal and improve speeds.

2) Blockers: Be sure your modem is not set behind any obstacles or doors.

3) Interference: Be sure your modem is away from microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors and other devices that may cause signal interference.

4) Modem Channels: If you are in a dense area such as an apartment or townhouse you may try changing your modem channel or band.

5) Old Devices: If you have an older device that cant handle higher speeds it may be slowing your connection down with the new devices in your household as well. Try disconnecting them when you are not using them.

6) Reset: Try resetting your WiFi if you are encountering a problem. More times then not this will fix the issue.

7) Connections: Be sure to check the connection cables and outlets for any loose connections. A loose connection could dramatically affect your internet speeds.

8) Device Hogs: Some of your devices may be hogging all the bandwidth. To find out which one it is disconnect each device one at a time and check your speeds.

9) Keep It Fresh: Be sure to check for updates frequently. If you are behind of hardware or software updates that could be your problem.

10) Super User:
If you use multiple devices at the same time while streaming movies on your TV you may need to upgrade your system to something that can handle a little more horsepower.

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