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Satellite Hotspots Are Out and Mobile Hotspots Are In

Satellite connection has come a long way in the past few years. They still don’t compare to fiber optics, but if you’re on the road, fiber internet is a difficult task to achieve. When it comes to being on the road for long periods of time, a satellite hotspot or mobile hotspot might be just what you need to stay connected. In this blog we’ll go over everything you need to know about satellite hotspots and why you should consider getting a mobile hotspot for your truck.

How Satellite Hotspots Work

Satellite hotspots work by providing internet in remote areas where internet service isn’t available. To have a satellite hotspot, you would set up a modem or maybe a small satellite dish. It’ll be hooked up on the roof of the truck. Once it’s set up, the satellite dish communicates to a satellite in orbit which then gives a signal to the dish. This signal provides the user with internet access so you’re able to connect your devices to the internet.

Satellite hotspots can provide internet access to remote locations such as rural areas, remote sites, and even on the move in a vehicle such as a truck. Don’t forget though that the speed and reliability of the satellite hotspot can be affected by weather and obstruction. For this reason you may want a mobile hotspot plan from Unlimited LTE Advanced. We offer unlimited data plans, while other companies may offer limited plans.

Mobile hotspots bounce from cell tower to cell tower so you’re always connected while on the road. Whereas a satellite hotspot not only costs more money to install, but it’s also not as reliable as a mobile hotspot because even clouds can disrupt the signal. With a mobile hotspot from Unlimited LTE Advanced, you will stay connected rain or shine.

The Need for Mobile Hotspots

The digital age is here whether we want it or not. And while it’s easier to stay connected to friends and family, not all places or jobs have trustworthy connection spots. Although you probably already know them, we’ll talk about some of the disadvantages of being disconnected from friends and family.

Limited Communication

If you’re used to being away from home while you’re on the road then you’re probably used to not being able to check in with your friends and family until you get where you’re going, and even then you may not have good service or free wifi to check in. 

Not only are you limited to communicating with family and friends, but your communication with dispatch and customers could be limited too. If there’s a delay on the road due to an accident or road work, you need to have a reliable connection with dispatch or the customer to inform them of the delay and/or a possible detour so you can get where you need to be.

Limited Access to Information

Your access to recent updates about the weather, traffic patterns, routes, and your navigation can be affected. Sometimes navigation software goes offline and in those cases you won’t be notified if traffic is slowing down and if there’s a detour to take so you remain on time to your destination. 

Similarly, if there’s severe weather in the direction you’re heading, you might not get the update to seek shelter or stay off the highway until a specific time. The last thing you want to do is drive a large truck through weather with low visibility.

Limited Productivity

Not having access to live updates will ultimately reduce the productivity of the driver. If they’re stuck in traffic for an extended period of time due to weather, road work, or an accident, they won’t be able to find detours or even notify dispatch or find a detour so they can arrive on time.

Increased Costs

The potential cost for not installing a mobile hotspot can increase your phone bills and max out your roaming data. This is especially important if you go over your data limit or need to use your phone to hotspot other devices. Cost can add up and fast.

There are many disadvantages to being disconnected. It can lead to low morale and decreased production times. Staying connected is the way to adapt in the digital world. Embrace it and you’ll be happier.

Benefits of a Hotspot

Having a hotspot can offer several benefits, especially for those who need internet access in remote areas. Here are some of the benefits that a hotspot can give you:

Reliable Internet Access

Having a hotspot can give you reliable internet access even in remote areas where it’s not available or unreliable. This can be particularly useful for truckers who travel through remote areas.

Broad Coverage

A hotspot can provide you coverage over a large area. They also are easy to use on the move so you can be mobile and still have access to the internet. That way when you stop for the night at a rest area, you can connect to your hotspot and speak to friends or family before everyone turns in for the night. You’ll also be able to catch up on your favorite shows before hitting the road the next day.


Just because you’re using a hotspot, doesn’t mean it can’t be secure. As long as you’re changing the password that the hotspot came with, your internet connection will stay encrypted and secure while you’re using it. So even if there is free wifi where you are, it’d still be safer to use your hotspot. A private connection is always better than a public connection.


Mobile hotspots can offer a range of plans and services to suit different needs and budgets. That way you can choose the plan that will best fit your needs and requirements. Some plans may even offer limited or unlimited data so you can pick which will work best for you.
Overall, hotspots can provide reliable and secure internet access to remote locations. That makes them a valuable tool for truckers who need to stay connected while you’re on the move or stopping in remote locations. When you’re ready to get a mobile hotspot, be sure to contact Unlimited LTE Advanced. We can provide you with unlimited access to a reliable 4G LTE Network. Check us out and contact Unlimited LTE Advanced today so you can stay connected.

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