Tethering vs Hotspot

Over the years of providing computer network to home consumers, business and internet service providers, I can see two sides to every technology issues. A common one for home based small business is to Tether to a SmartPhone or upgrade to a WIFI celluar router.

You can absolutely connect via your Smartphone, both legally and/or jailbreak via web app to achieve WIFI hotspot service.

Here are some issues to consider:

  • Some carriers do not offer the ability to tether and charge extra fees/reduce data allocation for SmartPhone utilization.
  • Tethering can dramatically impact battery power of your SmartPhone.
  • The danger of internet /WIFI security is heightened without the benefit of a router with firewall protection.
  • Cellular data plan usage can be exploded if not carefully monitored.
  • Your SmartPhone does not have an Ethernet port. The advantage of connecting to a free Wi-Fi service is limited. You have connection to 3G and possible 4G.

Benefits on the flip-side of the coin:

  • Mobile Hotspot router provides a 4000mAh battery to recharge your SmartPhone anywhere.
  • Create your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot within a Free Wi-Fi hotspot. Internet security from the router and not impacting your cellular data plan.
  • Within a hotel room or wired location, you can use a standard Ethernet cable and create a secure personal Wi-Fi hotspot utilizing your router-firewall.
  • Ability to utilize an USB port on router to stream media from USB Flash drive to your array of mobile devices.
  • You will have the latest Wi-Fi dual band technology- Wi-Fi 11AC. This is super fast Wi-Fi. SmartPhone Wi-Fi tethering is not nearly as efficient.

The other side of the tethering issue is clearly to the buyers advantage to have next generation-Dual Band 11AC simultaneous device connectivity with multiple file users and additional mobile power station anywhere..anytime. Let’s move forward.

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