Don't know what to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Try Netflix Roulette

Netflix can sometimes leave you with nothing interesting to watch, or at least it can feel that way.  Have you ever wished that there was a “Random Movie” button?

Well with Netflix Roulette you are able to do just that! It randomly selects a movie at the click of a button. Is there a certain genre that you want to zero in on? Want to make sure that the movie it selects received fairly good reviews? Well luckily for you, it also allows you to select a movie based on these preferences.

Don’t let the title of the website mislead you, NetflixRoulette also allows you to select random movies and TV shows on several other streaming platforms, including (but not limited to) Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Don't know what to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Try Netflix Roulette

So the next time you are bored on your day off, not knowing what to stream over your Unlimited LTE Advanced provided Internet, check out to keep you entertained. 


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