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We’ve all heard it before, plastered across all forms of media: unlimited data. Smartphones, hotspot devices, and our constant need to be connected have created a market where the buzzword “unlimited” has become oversaturated and devoid of all meaning.

Would-be users tend to ask one burning question: what’s the catch? Well, you’re about to get an answer to help you make an educated decision when considering your options for wireless Internet.

What is an Unlimited Data Plan?

Under optimal conditions, “unlimited” really should mean just that: unlimited. Unfortunately, many mobile phone plans will tout how they are unlimited, but likely are subject to arbitrary restrictions, such as:

  • Hard data caps before throttling your online browsing speed to an unusable level.
  • Charging overage fees.
  • May not allow for tethering.
  • What equipment you can use.

For example, Verizon currently has multiple “unlimited” data cell phone plans available. The only problem is that each one of these plans are hard capped at a different amount, and once that cap is hit, you’d be hard-pressed to send an email before your previous speed is restored at the start of your next bill cycle.

These arbitrary hard data caps are typically buried in the fineprint at the bottom of your service contract, and not something a salesperson would readily disclose when asked. This is understandable, as doing so would destroy the whole illusion of “unlimited data” when they’re trying to sell you a plan.

Who wants to hear that after 22GB of usage on a so-called “unlimited data plan” that their data speeds will be de-prioritized, making viewing short video clips or a cute kitty GIF page an exercise in torture?

When you hit the soft data cap for this Verizon plan, your “unlimited” 4G LTE service will be downgraded from 1080p to 480p. This is because 480p only uses a ⅓ of the data that 1080p streaming would use, but looks absolutely terrible on a large screen. Users watching Netflix on their tablet may not notice the difference all that much, but would absolutely notice the downgrade in resolution when viewing it on a 55 inch display.

To put it all into perspective, the 22GB worth of data per billing cycle you’d get under this Verizon plan means that you can:

  • Read/send 10 emails (no attachments) per day.
  • Spend 3 hours of web browsing per day.
  • Download 10 songs (3 minutes each) per day.
  • Watch 18 YouTube videos (3 minutes) per day.
  • Watch 1 TV show (30 minutes) per day.
Limited Unlimited Data Plans

Throw in other people using the same cellular network, and all of a sudden, your unlimited plan begins to resemble a cage; one you can’t rely on to meet an unexpected surge in network traffic.

Compare this to our truly unlimited data plans, which have no monthly hard data caps. While it’s true that there may be soft data caps in place which could result in deprioritization, these soft caps will not affect 95% of Unlimited LTE Advanced’s customers. Plus, we’ll work with you to determine the best option to match your usage.

The major national carriers who provide these plans will prioritize plans and devices based on network congestion, which keeps you connected without fear of hitting any arbitrary hard data caps. Now that we’ve established the difference between our plans and the other guys’, let’s take a look at the equipment that brings them to life.

What is an Unlimited Data Hotspot?

In theory, an unlimited data hotspot is a portable device that you can take with you on the road that allows for a quick and painless Internet connection without fear of hard data caps. At Unlimited LTE Advanced, we offer the ZTE Velocity Hotspot with 4G LTE Nationwide Data and the Netgear LB1120 4G LTE Modem.

With the ZTE Velocity Hotspot, getting online is as simple as turning on the device, connecting to it wirelessly, and away you go, no matter where you are! And the Netgear LB1120 Cellular Modem? It’s powered by an AC plugin connection, and when connected to a router, can provide a fast, unlimited 4G LTE connection for all of your home office devices. Even better, it can be directly connected to a computer via a WAN Ethernet connection as a quick solution that’s perfect for kiosks, vacation homes, or food trucks.

Sure, the equipment is great, but to be honest, the real magic in a truly unlimited data plan lies in the SIM card. If you were to plonk a Verizon SIM card into one of these WiFi devices, you’d be subject to those data caps mentioned above, as well as any other terms that are set within your service agreement.

The same applies if you happen to have a mobile hotspot that you’d like to use. Whenever you place a SIM card into your hotspot, you’re subject to all of the minutia buried within the fine print of your service agreement. Whether that includes hard data caps, throttling, or excessive data charges are all up to the service provider, leaving you on the hook for the bill or leaving you without a reliable Internet connection.

Why spend money on equipment you’ll never own from the other guys, when you can connect worry-free with Unlimited LTE Advanced? We offer the best cellular modem equipment and unlimited data plans for your tablets, laptops, Roku, home office equipment, and any other WiFi devices you’d like to throw at it.

Is a Hotspot Unlimited with an Unlimited Data Plan?

Not all hotspot data plans are created equal. We’ve mentioned Verizon’s Unlimited data plans earlier, which can be considered a misnomer when you’re constantly asking yourself “how much hotspot data do I have?”. Having a 22GB limit hanging over your head can put a needless damper on your hotspot data usage, and can leave you feeling like you can’t perform all of the online activities that you’d like to do.

Most mobile hotspots require a SIM card to operate, while others tout a SIM-free connection. But one thing they all have in common: the connection wouldn’t be possible without a service agreement.

So what type of items would you find in the fine print of most “unlimited” data plans?

  1. Pay-as-you-go data packages.
  2. Hard data caps that will throttle your speed until your next bill cycle.
  3. Restrictions regarding equipment (warranty, return policy, etc.)
  4. Other items that would otherwise bind you to these terms for a specified period of time (typically 2 years), or be subjected to an early termination fee.

So yes, you may have the coolest mobile hotspot device ever to hit the market, but it’s only as powerful as the cellular network it’s bound to. For example, Sprint and Verizon utilize a CDMA network, while T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM. CDMA and GSM are two completely different technologies that don’t play well with each other, and any hotspot device that you pick up will be setup for only one of these.

Now that we understand the importance of hotspot data plans, it’s time to look at the hotspot data plans and equipment options we offer here at Unlimited LTE Advanced, and how they work together to provide you with an unlimited and worry-free connection, no matter where you are.

How Much is an Unlimited Hotspot?

There are more than a couple of ways to get connected with Unlimited LTE Advanced. Where other providers may hit you with monthly equipment installment charges over the course of your contract, we offer the best in hotspot cost and price.

When you purchase a hotspot device from Unlimited LTE Advanced, it is yours to keep. There are no monthly installments to pay, no contract to sign, no hidden fees, and a truly unlimited mobile hotspot experience. All for as low as $129 a month!

And if you have existing, unlocked GSM equipment that you’d like to use, we can get you into one of our SIM cards. Activation is a snap, and within minutes, you’ll be experiencing unlimited mobile data without sweating equipment costs.

A dedicated (and unlimited) mobile hotspot that has no hidden fees or taxes is preferable to an add-on feature to a contracted cell phone plan. Even worse, the latter may have restrictions in place regarding tethering and data usage.

Why constantly monitor your data usage when you can just get online worry-free, whenever and wherever you want? Contact us today to see how we can help you get started with an unlimited mobile hotspot!

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